IFC is partnering with WACE (World Association for Cooperative Education) to support the WACE Global Challenge. The initiative connects students from universities around the world to work in multi-disciplinary, culturally diverse teams on authentic industry projects linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

So far the WACE Global Challenge has involved 17 institutions from 11 countries with 150 students located in 21 countries. The students work with industry and community partners on shared value projects during the four-week program. In the pilot last year, more than 80 percent of participating students reported enhanced employability skills, expanded networks, better collaboration skills, and improved cross-cultural communications skills. The WACE Global Challenge utilizes the Practera experiential learning platform.

WACE is an international organization dedicated to developing, expanding, branding, and advocating for cooperative and work-integrated education programs within industry and educational institutions. The organization links the world’s leading higher education institutions, employers, and public authorities, all of whom share a profound commitment to preparing new generations for a lifetime of professional success in today’s global and diverse workforce.