Employability Benchmarking for Institutions

Gain insights through peer comparison with Vitae’s Employability Benchmarking. It’s a self-guided assessment for higher education institutions seeking to improve the employment outcomes of graduates.

Employability in Higher Education

The Dimensions of Employability

Each institution has unique challenges in scaling and refining its employability programs. So, Vitae developed a multi-faceted benchmarking assessment so that higher education institutions could evaulate practices based on 5 key areas of employability.

Relevance of Learning

What processes and systems are in place to support leadership and teaching staff in aligning curriculum with labor market needs?

Strategy and Employment Outcomes

Does the institution vision and mission reflect a commitment to student employability?

Employer Engagement

What employment focused activities exist to ensure job readiness and to foster employer relationships outside the classroom?

Career Services

What types of career services and guidance are available to students and how are these activities resourced and organized?

Alumni Management

How does the institution engage its alumni to support employability of current students?

Global Employability Benchmarking Data

Our team has meticulously validated benchmarking with over 100 universities, colleges, and trade colleges worldwide. As a result, our clients have gained quality insights and strategic guidance for producing more employable graduates. We’ve discovered that global trends lag behind best practices in all five dimensions. For this reason, Vitae offers many free resources including webinars, workshops, and case studies to help institutions with strategic development.

Start Employability Benchmarking

Complete the employability benchmarking assessment to see how you compare with our global benchmarks, and determine where your institution would benefit from Vitae’s 360° assessment.

When you complete the employability benchmarking, you’ll instantly receive assessment results and access to an in-depth Employability Toolkit prepared by Vitae’s Higher Education experts.

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