Graduate Tracer Surveys

  • Gain insights on planning career services to support students and graduates
  • Learn techniques for assisting students throughout their student and career journeys
  • Identify how technologies, methodologies, and best practices can support career services

Micro Credentials

  • Understand the basics of micro credentials
  • Discover who can benefit from micro credentials and how they can increase enrollment
  • Learn how to ensure the quality of micro credentials
  • Determine next steps to create a micro credential

Basics of Career Services

  • Learn how to begin planning career services to support students througout their journey
  • Understand how career services can assisting students throughout their career journey
  • Explore the role of technology and how it can support career services

Industry Advisory Committees

  • Understand the basic role of industry advisory committees
  • Leverage industry associations to advise, advocate, and help achieve institutional goals
  • Start developing strategies for your higher education institution’s own industry advisory committee