Higher education institutions are taking strategic action to better prepare their graduates for the workforce. They're implementing multi-faceted plans that involve virtual, physical, and experiential learning structures to help their students build relevant skills. This webinar offers perspectives on how leading educators are assessing and honing their employability strategies for the benefit of their institutions, employers, and their graduates.

Speakers include Mohamed El Kalla, Chief Executive Officer, CIRA; Tania Zuniga, Chief Strategy Officer, Continental University; and Jackline Chibai, Director, Strategy and Quality Assurance, Strathmore University. The webinar is moderated by Amy Refaat, Senior Private Sector Specialist, IFC.

Higher education institutions have an unprecedented opportunity to become more competitive by embracing the employability agenda. IFC’s webinar series on Employability in Higher Education shares lessons learned with educators intent on ensuring rewarding careers for their graduates.

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