Graduate Employability Benchmarking

Vitae's employability benchmarking assessment is a starting point for higher education institutions seeking to develop a sustainable employability strategy.

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Understanding the Dimensions of Employability Benchmarking

Employability benchmarking assesses the five dimensions of graduate employability to determine practical recommendations and guidance. So institutions can develop best practices in employability. Each dimension considers a variety of factors.

  • Relevance of Learning

    What processes and systems are in place to support leadership and teaching staff to align curriculum with labor market needs?

  • Strategy and Employment

    Do your institution's vision and mission reflect a commitment to student employability? How are employability outcomes measured?

  • Employer Engagement

    What employment-focused activities exist to ensure job readiness and foster employer relationships outside the classroom?

  • Career Services

    What services and guidance are available to students, and how are these activities resourced and organized?

  • Alumni Management

    How does your institution engage its alumni to support the employability of current students?

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