According to the research conducted by Vitae at University Center of Belo Horizonte (UniBH), an affiliate of Ânima Education, 87% of students are confident that the education they receive will help them achieve their career goals, nearly all students report that their courses are rewarding, and about 75% say that their experience at the university has contributed to the development of their soft skills.

In fact, Ânima’s competency -based approach was among the first in Brazil to explicitly focus on the development of technical and soft skills. Today, they have served more than 310,000 students and continue to offer high academic quality at an affordable price.

As an ambassador of competency-based learning, Ânima has become a prominent thought leader and serves as a model for institutions seeking to achieve high levels of student satisfaction throughout Latin America. With the help of Vitae, Ânima identified opportunities to continue improving the quality of their programs and the employability of their students.